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Laurie A Ray
Milford, Iowa

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Before Isagenix, I was tired and overwhelmed (which as a result led me to eat for comfort) and my body hurt.  After I started incorporating the Isagenix system, I began to eat healthy and wanted to exercise.  I was happy, alert and overall felt terrific (which as a result led me to lose 42 lbs and over 50 inches)!

As a result of the success on the products and sharing how to do it with others, it retired me from my real estate career replacing my six figure income and giving me time in my life to enjoy doing whatever I want!

Days 1 through 4 you may not like me very much when your body is getting rid of impurities, but by day 5 and on, you may feel bad for the nasty thoughts you may have been having about me ;-)  Stick to this program for the full 30 days with the money-back guarantee and see how it can transform your body. Stick to it for 90 and watch it become even better.  Stick to it for life and achieve the healthy living of mastering middle age.

To your health & success!

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